Homeschool Programming

In-Museum Programs

Train Communication

Step back in time and imagine communicating without the use of phones or radios. How can you tell a train when it's ok to move forward, or that they have to stop or slow down? Students learn the signals used for train communication, including whistles, hand signals, lights and signal bars.
Grades 5-6

Types of Trains

Walk through history by exploring the museum's collection of locomotives and train cars. Students will learn about the different parts of a train and the historical and economic significance of specific pieces.
Grades 3-6

Trees Say Thanks

Students will discuss and understand the concepts of reduce, reuse and reycle. This hands-on activity allows students to think like a tree while making a thank you letter in the voice of that tree. The 'trees' are thanking people for recycling. Students are sure to enjoy this fun activity, especially personalizing and decorationg their letters.
Grades K-5

Pine Beetles

Who wants to get up close and personal with a Mountain Pine Beetle? This fun and interactive activity about the life of the pine beetle is great for primary school students. This activity familiarizes students with pine beetles and how they affect the environment, especially trees. Students are able to interact and act out the activities of a pine beetle, and view actual pine beetles under microscopes, making a detailed drawing from what they see.
Grades K-2

Forestry Charades

In this fun and interactive drama activity, students are able to act out different jobs and actions of the forest industry. Students work cooperatively in teams to correctly guess forestry actions before the other teams. Students will be able to familiarize themselves with forest industry occupations.
Grades 1-5

School Outreach Programs

Forestry Innovations Teacher Resource Kit

Students will explore traditional, historic, and modern practices for harvesting and processing forest resources through a series of seven interactive lessons. This kit contains everything you need to present an integrated unit meeting prescribed learning outcomes for Grade 5 social studies, science and language arts. Lessons can also be modified to meet the prescribed learning outcomes from Grade 3 social studies, Grade 6 social studies and science, and Grade 7 math. Kit includes complete lesson plans, worksheets, reading material and artifacts.

History of Logging

This integrated teacher's resource kit comes complete with lessons and activities that teach students about the history of logging in the province. From discussion to stories and pictures, this resource provides many different ways to learn and teach the material. Students will compare modern day and past logging techniques, learn about and count tree rings, and talk about the logging industry in their community.
Grades 1-5

Beetle Mural

Students will learn about the Mountain Pine Beetle and its effect on lodgepole pine trees by examining tree cookies up close under microscopes. Students will also learn about the different parts of the tree and the life cycle of the beetle. They can also discuss what can be done to prevent the spread of the Mountain Pin Beetle. Finally, students will work cooperatively to paint a mural representing the life cycle of the beetle.
Grades K-1, 6-7

How Big is Your Tree?

Students become foresters, measuring tree diameter at breast height. Students make their own diameter tapes before learning the proper method for measuring trees. Students also create timber cruiser booklets to record their measurements in. Three tree "cookies" are provided for measurements, but take students outside for a more realistic experience.
Grades 5-7.